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Estate Sale Air Ratchet

I picked up a Blue-Point air ratchet from an estate sale a couple weekends ago for $5.  I knew it had some kind of issue because the throttle lever laid flat against the body as opposed to sitting away from … Continue reading

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Jack Repair

I was doing some automotive work last weekend when the release mechanism on my jack broke.  I had jacked the car up and placed jack stands under it.  When I went to lower the jack, which requires twisting the handle, … Continue reading

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Hendey Finishing Touches: Part 1

As expected, as I’ve been using my lathe, I’ve run into some issues.  The first issue I mentioned in my last post.  During drilling with the tail stock, the spindle would seize in the conical bearings.  My Hendey employs two … Continue reading

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Magazine Rack Repair: Part 2

Part two on the magazine rack is going to be pretty short.  There just wasn’t that much more left to do. Here’s the foot after the glue has dried.  I got plenty of squeeze out which I was shooting for … Continue reading

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Microwave Repair

My microwave decided to stop working last week.  Everything seemed normal but it didn’t warm anything up.  It is a GE Space Saver model JVM1631. I’ve never worked on microwaves before so I did some research on the internet and … Continue reading

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Dare to be Stupid

We all do stupid things from time to time.  Some of us more than others.  The other day I did something stupid.  As you might have noticed my work bench has some holes that go through the top of it.  … Continue reading

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Firebird Clutch Master Cylinder

For the past month or so the clutch pedal in the Firebird has been acting weird.  Sometimes it would be normal but other times you’d feel the resistance stop before the pedal was all the way up.  Then, when you … Continue reading

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