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Wheel Horse 417-8 Part 2: Motor Inspection

I finally got around to taking a closer look at the Kohler KT-17 on my garden tractor.  As mentioned in my previous post, it smokes a lot while running which means oil is getting sucked into the combustion chamber and … Continue reading

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Craftsman Jack Repair

My Craftsman jack recently developed a large leak.  If I filled it back up, it performed fine.  Over a couple days though, the fluid would all leak out around the ram.  I figured it was just an o ring and … Continue reading

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Prentiss Vise Nut Removal

I’ve received a few questions about how I got the lead screw out of my vise.  I figured I’d throw up a quick post with a few pics. I dug back in to some old pics and found one showing … Continue reading

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I decided to upgrade the stereo in my car by changing out the head unit (to one with blue tooth connectivity) and replacing the stock speakers.  Afterwards, I was disappointed in the bass.  I don’t have a desire to knock … Continue reading

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Armstrong C Clamps

I was at a local store the other day that has used tools and ran across some C clamps.  Not regular C clamps though.  Massive ones.  They’re don’t have the largest capacity that I’ve seen but they’re tops when it … Continue reading

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Rotary Phase Converter

To power my mill and lathe I bought a while back I’ve got to design and install a circuit in my shop that will provide 480V 3 phase power. I’ve completed the design portion with the help of some folks … Continue reading

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Three Phase Transformer

I was finally able to track down a three phase transformer that was near me.  This will allow me to convert three phase 240V to three phase 480 volt required by the mill and lathe.  Though I only need a … Continue reading

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