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100W LED Flashlight

I was wasting time on Youtube when I came across a video where someone had made a flaslight with a 100W LED.  I was curious how much they were and went to eBay to check.  It turns out they’re pretty … Continue reading

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Headlights for the Wheel Horse

I went ahead and added LED headlights to my Wheel Horse garden tractor.  The incandescent bubs that were in it would have drawn more amps that the engine’s electrical system produces.  This would result in the battery being drained by … Continue reading

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Wheel Horse 417-8 Part 2: Motor Inspection

I finally got around to taking a closer look at the Kohler KT-17 on my garden tractor.  As mentioned in my previous post, it smokes a lot while running which means oil is getting sucked into the combustion chamber and … Continue reading

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Craftsman Jack Repair

My Craftsman jack recently developed a large leak.  If I filled it back up, it performed fine.  Over a couple days though, the fluid would all leak out around the ram.  I figured it was just an o ring and … Continue reading

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Prentiss Vise Nut Removal

I’ve received a few questions about how I got the lead screw out of my vise.  I figured I’d throw up a quick post with a few pics. I dug back in to some old pics and found one showing … Continue reading

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I decided to upgrade the stereo in my car by changing out the head unit (to one with blue tooth connectivity) and replacing the stock speakers.  Afterwards, I was disappointed in the bass.  I don’t have a desire to knock … Continue reading

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Armstrong C Clamps

I was at a local store the other day that has used tools and ran across some C clamps.  Not regular C clamps though.  Massive ones.  They’re don’t have the largest capacity that I’ve seen but they’re tops when it … Continue reading

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