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Rust Removal with Electrolysis and Snips

I’ve been saying for a long time that I’d do a post on rust removal using electrolysis.  I’ve finally gotten around to doing it.  In this application Electrolysis uses electricity to remove rust from an object that is submerged in … Continue reading

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LED Light Bulbs: Part 3

The discrepancy with the current and power that I showed in the first LED bulb post has been bugging me some so I decided to try to figure out what was causing it.  To help I purchased a Kill A … Continue reading

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LED Light Bulbs: Part 2

Here’s a second part to my previous post.  It occurred to me today that a good way to compare the heat generated by each bulb would be to put the bulb in a container and monitor the temperature over time.  … Continue reading

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LED Light Bulbs

After celebrating Earth day yesterday by burning a pile of tires I decided to be “green” and purchase some LED light bulbs from Lowe’s today. And by green I mean save some, because they were on sale today for $10 … Continue reading

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