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Wooden USS Baltimore: Part 1

I’ve decided to make another wooden warship like my Fletcher.  This time it’s the CA-68 USS Baltimore from WW2.  This one will be in 1:350 scale like the Fletcher.  I wanted something bigger than a destroyer but smaller than a … Continue reading

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Repairing the Rockwell-Delta 46-499 Lathe

A while back I bought a Rockwell-Delta 46-499 wood lathe.  The motor mount in it was a Jerry rigged affair and I decided to finally get around to replacing it.  The story from the previous owner was that his shop … Continue reading

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Identifying Bad Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are an integral part of all kinds of machines around us.  They are found in most anything that has rotating parts such as cars, machinery, appliances, electric motors etc.  These bearings can range in size from smaller than … Continue reading

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Removing Broken Bolts

I spent the last month working on my car and got to deal with a couple broken bolts/studs. The first one I had to remove was a stud from an exhaust manifold that broke off in the head.  I put … Continue reading

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100W LED Flashlight

I was wasting time on Youtube when I came across a video where someone had made a flaslight with a 100W LED.  I was curious how much they were and went to eBay to check.  It turns out they’re pretty … Continue reading

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Headlights for the Wheel Horse

I went ahead and added LED headlights to my Wheel Horse garden tractor.  The incandescent bubs that were in it would have drawn more amps that the engine’s electrical system produces.  This would result in the battery being drained by … Continue reading

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Small Trailer Resto

I picked up a small trailer to go with the Wheel Horse last year off of Craigslist for cheap.  After I picked it up, I built a tailgate for it but have used it as is since then. It’s seen … Continue reading

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