Wooden Fletcher Class Destroyer

For some reason I decided to make a wooden model ship of the US WW2 Fletcher class destroyer.  I attribute it to reading Sea of Thunder.  I used 1:350 scale like those used with some plastic models.

I looked around online for some drawings of the ship and stumbled across a picture on shipbucket.com that I liked.  It seems to be gone due to some changes on photobucket’.

The drawing had some profile lines for the hull which I tried to use.  I glued the profiles to the wood to aid in cutting on the bandsaw. I cut out the hull from one side, taped the pieces back together, and then cut out the top.    Next, I used rasps and a sander to finish off the hull.The ship’s structure using 1/4″ thick strips.  Once again, I glued the drawings to the wood to use as templates. I cut out multiple pieces to build up all the parts and used nails as the gun barrels.   It turned out that making everything was the quick part.  I ended up spending the next week getting all of the parts (mostly the hull) painted.  I went with the Measure 22 camouflage scheme which used haze gray on horizontal surfaces and a navy blue on the top surfaces.  Light gray and dark gray paints which I already had around were pretty close. Painting the hull was the hardest part of the project.  It required red, black, light gray, and dark gray stripes.  I masked the hull off and slowly got it painted.

For a mast, I glued together some thin steel rod I had laying around.  I assembled it over sized and then trimmed it down as required.  With everything finally painted, I was able to assemble it.

I thought I’d see if it floated….nope.  Well, technically it did float. It just wanted to capsize.  Oh well.  Maybe the Yorktown next!


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