Tap Wrench Clean Up

Here’s a quick tool restoration.  I found a tap wrench at a pawn shop the other day for $3.  It was pretty rusty and wouldn’t move.  This isn’t a bad thing when it comes to price.  It’s a Morse No. 15 and about 19″ long.  Good quality tap wrenches are worth cleaning up.  New good quality tap wrenches are expensive and cheap ones are pieces of junk with soft jaws.

Here’s what I started out with.


It turned out that with a little bit more force the movable handle popped loose. To disassemble it I first removed the set screw which allows the stationary jaw to be removed.  Next, the movable handle was rotated to remove the other jaw.  Finally, the movable handle was unscrewed out of the body of the wrench.  Not much to these.


I decided to use some Evaprorust to clean the tap wrench up.  It works well and can be reused several times.  The only downside is the relatively high price of it though it is pretty much effortless.  The parts soaked for about 4 hours and after washing looked rust free.


I buffed it a small amount with the buffer and then oiled it.

tw4 tw5

This was a super easy clean up and goes to show that an old rusty tool can be given a second life without much effort.

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