The Fritz Werner Mill Runs!

Yay!  The vertical mill runs!  It turns out that once I put power to the mill and figured out how to run it, the mill ran fine.  The fuses for the pump motor had fallen apart but once replaced,  the pump ran fine as well.


I did a post about the mill earlier with some more pics pointing out different parts of the mill and won’t cover it again.  Below is a quick video showing  the mill running and some of the feeds.

Here’s another video cutting some Aluminum.

The mill was missing a few screws which I was able to recreate on the mill.  Both were metric.  One was a slotted fillister head and the other was a slotted countersunk screw.   Shaping the screws and cutting the threads has been covered before.  A new aspect was cutting the slots on the screws.  The easiest way to cut the slot would be on the mill but I don’t have a cutter to do so.  I looked around online and found a technique that used the lathe.  It effectively works like a shaper.  The chuck holds the screw and the cross slide is used to make 0.002″ deep passes.  After a bunch of passes there’s a useful slot in the screw’s head.


Here’s the fillister head screw.  The countersunk head screw was made in the same way.




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