Armstrong C Clamps

I was at a local store the other day that has used tools and ran across some C clamps.  Not regular C clamps though.  Massive ones.  They’re don’t have the largest capacity that I’ve seen but they’re tops when it comes to girth.  They were a good price and I had to bring them home.  They were a little rusty but still moved fine.   They’re Armstrong model number 78-080 and are listed as the “strongest C-Clamp produced.”  I’m not sure if that is overall or just by them.  They have a capacity of  2.25″-8.25″ and weigh in at 27.5 lbs a piece.  According to the literature they have a proof test of 31,250 lbf which is something I’m sure I’ll need.  Here’s a pic of them as purchased.  The table they’re laying on is 30″x20″.


To clean them up, I hit them with the wire wheel.  I figure there’s not much chance I can hurt them.  They wire wheel is quick and leaves a finish ready for oiling.


I’m sure there are lots of reasons for me to own a couple 30 lb C clamps.  Perhaps I’ll need to press something together that requires more force than my arbor press can deliver.  Perhaps they’ll be useful on those big welding jobs I have.  Just look how useful they could be.


On second thought, maybe I’ll just curl them during downtime in the garage.


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