Three Phase Transformer

I was finally able to track down a three phase transformer that was near me.  This will allow me to convert three phase 240V to three phase 480 volt required by the mill and lathe.  Though I only need a 6KVA transformer this one is 11KVA.  Usually bigger is better, but if I get too large of a transformer it will pop the breaker.  I should be ok with this one though.

It’s used but still checks out well with an ohm meter to check continuity.  I’m not able to test it yet since I haven’t made a rotary converter yet.  That will be happening soon.  Here it is.  It even comes with a “this can kill you” sticker.



Here’s a closer pic of the tag if you’re interested.TR2

This is what’s inside.  Basically, it’s three iron bars wrapped in wire.


One step closer to getting the mill going!

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