300 Miles for a Hacksaw

Chris and I took a 300 mile trip over to Louisiana to buy a hacksaw last weekend.  There were a few other stops along the way of course.  You might think this sounds a little crazy but I needed something to cut metal with and it came up for a good price.  You’re probably thinking I’m talking about something like this…but I’m not.


I’m talking about this.  A Power Hacksaw!  It works just like a hacksaw but is a little bit bigger.  It also has a motor to do the work for you.  There are smaller power hacksaws that use blades similar to the one above.  This one uses 14″-21″ long blades that are 1″-2″ tall.  I think it’ll cut up to 13″ wide or a piece 10″x 10″ square material.


The seller had a motor but offered the saw for half as much without it.  I’ve got some extra motors laying around so I chose to let him keep the motor.  He also included a rolling base for it as well.  The saw is in good working condition and cuts well.  The paint is pretty rough and the handwheel for the vise is missing a few handles.  There’s a three speed gearbox on the back for selecting cut speed.  There’s also about 20 spots to oil.  It weights somewhere around 1000-1200 lbs making it one of the lighter things Chris and I have moved recently.


The saw cuts on the pull stroke and lifts slightly on the push stroke to keep from dulling the blades.  There’s a ratcheting mechanism that lowers the blade as it cuts and the down feed pressure can be adjusted.  Shown below is the ratcheting mechanism.  Also shown below is a lever that works as an on-off switch.  When it is pulled forward the machine starts.  When the cut is finished, the lever is released automatically and is pulled forward by a spring turning the machine off.  Well, it will once I get it all wired up.


Here’s a better view of the serrated surface the paws walk down to lower the saw. P6

Originally, the previous owner just used a regular switch to turn the saw on and off.  I’d like to make use of the cutoff though.  To do that I’ll need to use a contactor and control circuit.  Luckily, I picked a couple contactors a while back.  More on that in the next post.  I haven’t finished wiring everything else but have got the enclosure mounted.

P7I have it directly wired up for a few test cuts while I’m waiting to get some wire in.  It doesn’t cut perfectly straight and I’m still investigating why.  I did shim the blade to improve it and now have it at 0.008″ per inch from vertical.  I’m not sure how accurate I should expect from a 50 year old industrial machine.  Once I get the wire in, I’ll finish up the electrical stuff and post again.

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3 Responses to 300 Miles for a Hacksaw

  1. Wow I’ve never seen an actual powered hacksaw, I thought it was an old horizontal bandsaw at first. Its a cool fid for sure, but it looks like a great way to lose hand too.

  2. Alex Sanchez says:

    Do you have more pictures?
    I just got a similar saw and I have no idea how to use it.

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