Welding Cart

I have a Lincoln AC225 welder commonly called a tombstone or cracker box welder.  It’s a basic 240V stick welder.  It usually sits in the corner until I have to drag it out to use it.  I decided to do something about that by making a cart for it.

I came up with a simple design that has a base for the welder to sit on and an arm to hang the cords on.  Gill has some thin wall (1/16″) 1″ square tubing that he said I could use a while back.  I finally took him up on the offer.  I also used his horizontal band saw to cut the 6 ft sections into smaller pieces.


I chose to use some post casters to simplify attaching them to the tubing.  I cut the ends of two pieces of tubing at 45 degrees and drilled a hole to mount the casters.


Next, all the pieces were laid out and clamped up on my welding table.  It’s a folding table that I just picked up on sale.  For my use, it worked well.WC3

Typically, one would use a MIG welder on such thin material.  But as I only have one welder, the Lincoln, I used it for all my welding.  I used some 6013 1/16″ rod and 6011 3/32″ rod.  For the butt welds I thought the 6013 worked pretty well but I wasn’t happy with it in corners.  For those I used the 6011.  I ground on a lot of the welds while getting used to welding on the material and (as a beginner) was eventually happy with the results.


Once the cart had cooled off, I bolted the wheels to it only to find out the base had warped a little bit probably due to the heat.  I shimmed the high caster with some washers to compensate though.  I don’t have a picture of it, but I bolted the welder to the cart using some holes in the feet of the welder.


I pulled the wheels back off to prime and paint the cart.  I used some blue spray paint I had sitting around.  It was a little streaky and I’ve since touched it up to try to even out the paint.  In the end though, I’m not greatly concerned about getting a great paint job on it.

WC6Now its much easier to move the welder around and I now have a place to coil the leads.  Not to mention, welding is fun.


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