With the coming of spring, my time in the garage has been reduced to almost zero.  A such, I don’t have much of the typical fare to post about.  Instead I’ve been doing yard stuff such as mowing, beating back the weeds, and trimming trees.  Exciting stuff for sure.  I’ve also been doing some gardening that has been requested by the Mrs.  She doesn’t have much luck with plants.  But it could be their desire to be watered periodically.

Mostly I do container gardening down here in Florida because the “soil” is sand.  While native plants tolerate it well, lots of other things we eat don’t.  The Mrs requested mostly herbs but I’ve also got some veggies and fruit trees/bushes.

My containers are kept on the patio.  In the pic below I have garlic, onions, peppercorn, cinnamon, rosemary, thyme, basil, mint, oregano, habanero pepper, bell peppers, and a few Easter Lilys that came back from last year.   Both the peppercorn and cinnamon plants were bought this year and will be a long term plants.  Both won’t produce anything useful for 3-5 years.


Panning to the right shows and olive tree, thyme, orange bush, blueberry bush, cucumber, more bell peppers, and hopefully a ginger plant which is in the container without a plant.


I’ve grown basil, oregano, mint, peppers, rosemary, and cucumbers previously.  The rosemary made it through the winter without dieing off.  Mine died off but came back and grows like a weed down here.  Both Habanero and Cayenne peppers also grow well down here…unless your kids pick them clean.  I’m about 50% successful on my bell peppers.  Some are fine but others experience bottom end rot despite my best efforts.


Moving out into the yard I have some citrus bushes/tress.  Shown previously in the wooden planters, I have key lime and lemon bushes from last year.  Both have been productive with the key lime producing a lot of fruit.  So far I’ve only gotten six lemons total but I’m hoping for a better result this year.  In the smaller containers I have a fig tree (right) and grapefruit (left).  Both of them were purchased at the end of last year on clearance and I’m curious to see how they do.


I spent last weekend clearing out an overgrown corner of my backyard.  There were a lot of junk trees, vines, and bushes back here along with a dead pine tree.  I remove all of that and fed most of it into my chipper.  I primarily cleared the area for two apple trees.  I’ve been reading up on the proper ways to prune them in hopes of making them produce well.  I also put a raspberry bush and grape vine back here.   I’m hoping to train the grape vine to grow up and run along the fence.  I need to finish cleaning up this area and will probably see what else I can put back here.


I also have a small garden plot that I’m trying to grow Jerusalem artichokes and Okra in.  Okra grows really well down here though my seedlings got soaked in a downpour and I’m not sure they’ll recover.  Oh well, that’s all for now.

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