Free Planter

I have a few small citrus plants that I’ve been needing to move into larger containers.  Large store bought containers are pretty expensive and even building one yourself can run over $20 if you use new lumber.  As I was driving to Gill’s today, I noticed someone had replaced their fence and put the old panels out by the curb.  They’d even stacked the 4x4s out there.  I wondered if I could make use of them and decided I could tear them apart to make some free planters.

The panels weren’t that wide which made them easy to load in the back of my truck.  Once I had them in my backyard, I set forth separating the different pieces with my pry bar and claw hammer.


Pretty soon I had a stack of fence pickets.  You have to be gentle with the pickets as they’re apt to split along the grain due to their age.


My current containers have a diameter of 22″ and are about 12″ deep.  I decided to make the new one larger at 30″ x 30″ x 24″.  I cut the 4x4s into four 24″ pieces and the cut the pickets to 30″.  At this sizing I needed four picket sections per side of my box.

P3With the pieces cut, I started assembly.  I normally use screws but think that nails will work fine for this.  I also had a box of 2″ nails sitting around that needed to be used.  I positioned the picket sections on the 4x4s using the framing square to keep everything straight.


After a lot of nailing I had two sides completed.


I placed the side panels on edge and started nailing picket sections on.  Once one side is done, gently flip it over, and finish off the last side.  I didn’t put a bottom on the planter because I don’t intend to move it.  I also don’t think, it would hold together if I tried to move it.


I moved the planter into position and filled it with a mixture of dirt, sand, and peat moss.  It took quite a bit to partially fill the planter.  Next, I extracted the Meyer Lemon bush from its current container and positioned it into its new container.  Finally, I roughed up the outside surface of the root ball, filled the rest of the planter in, and watered it.


I actually made two planters though only one is pictured here.  I made another one for my Key Lime bush that was 28″ x 28″ x 18″ since the plant is a little smaller than the Lemon.  Anyways, if you stumble upon some interesting “trash” you might find a useful way to re-purpose it save some money.

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