Random Things

I’ve been delinquent in my posting for the last few weeks.  I’ve been doing a few things but none of them had progressed enough to be worth posting.  So, I’ll post them all together!

Gill had this interesting looking vise sitting around and I was able to pick it up from him.  It’s an Odin Universal vise.  I’ve never heard of them but it was made in the US.  There’s very little about them online either.  This vise is different from my other vises because it can rotate along two axes.  One runs vertically like a normal vise but it can also rotate about the screw axis.  It was a little dirty and I decided to clean it up.


The jaws are also interesting. They each fit into a large hole in the vise allowing them to rotate as well.  To lock them in place you tighten the pipe plug that fits into the back of the jaws.  Disassembly was pretty easy.  For the most part, I removed all the bolts and it slipped apart.


I put as much of it as I could in my parts cleaner.  I’m limited on my cleaner and use bricks to raise the level of the fluid.  Still, I had to turn a few parts over every so often to get all of them clean.  I’ve pulled the parts from the cleaner but still need to clean them.


I also started some new kitchen knives.  I ordered several pieces of 1095 steel and chose the 3/32″ to make some knives out of.  I wanted to make some utility knives in the Japanese style of the Petty knife.  I found a picture of a knife online to use as a template and traced it onto my steel.


I used a hack saw and coping saw to cut my knife blank out which I can’t really recommend.  Since I lack a vertical metal band saw, its the best I have.


I started with an 80 grit belt to shape my knife and grind the primary bevel.  After I was happy with the shape, I progressed through several grits finishing with a 400 belt.


I heated up my little forge and proceeded to run into a problem.  The little forge doesn’t seem to be able to retain enough heat to get the entire blade above magnetic at the same time.  I could get parts of it above magnetic but then the rest of it would cool down too much.  At this point I’m trying to decide how I can get more heat into the little forge.  I’m also considering trying to find a kiln.  Anyways, here’s a long exposure photo of the blade in the forge.  It was actually quite dark but the camera preformed nicely.


Since I couldn’t get a larger blade to work I used some of the scrap and made a small paring knife.  It has a 3″ blade and simple Maple handle.  I’m still at the point of testing my blades and don’t want to spend too much time making fancy handles.  It hardened well and took a nice edge.   In use it holds the edge well but stains easily which doesn’t bother me right now.


I also helped Chris from One Tool at a Time pick up this Powermatic model 66 off of Craigslist.  It sat unused in a steel building for years and has developed surface rust which he plans to clean off soon.  Both the blade height and bevel adjustments were very stiff because they were packed with sawdust.  We cleaned the inside of the saw out and lubricated everything which freed got everything moving again.  Once Chris ran power to the saw it fired up and ran nicely.


Last weekend I also went hiking and camping which was a good way to spend the time.


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One Response to Random Things

  1. Jeff Joslin says:

    More information on your Odin Universal Vise is available on the Directory of Tools And Machinery Patents website:

    (It wasn’t there until I read your blog post. Finding the patent information only takes a few minutes. The hard part is figuring out which of the tens of thousands of tool and machinery patents were actually manufactured, and by whom. Thank you for providing that key information on this patent.)

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