Quick Change Tool Post

My parents bought me a Quick Change Tool Post for the lathe for Christmas.  This tool post is a big upgrade over the lantern style tool post that I’ve been using.  The Quick Change allows swapping of tools quickly and accurately.  Unlike the lantern style tool post there is no tweaking the vertical height of the tool once it has been initially set.  The Quick Change is also a lot more rigid than the lantern tool post which has made parting off much easier.

The first step in fitting the Quick Change to my lathe was milling the plate which holds it onto the compound.  For this, I visited Gill again to use his Bridgeport mill.  After a little bit I had successfully fit the piece.


Here’s the tool post on the lathe taking a practice cut.  Note that it should be rotated 90 more degrees.  I fixed this after taking the picture.

The Quick Change Tool Post allows swapping of pieces called tool holders which hold the actual cutting tool.  They drop onto the dovetail and are tightened into place by rotating the handle on top.  The Quick Change feels much better cutting than the lantern tool post.


I’m not a fan of the red ball on the end of the Quick Change’s lever.  It doesn’t really match the rest of the lathe.  So, I machined a simple part out of brass to replace it.  Here’s the piece, courtesy of Gill, that I’ll make it out of.


As before, brass cuts beautifully during this roughing cut.


I brought a section of the brass down to around 1-3/8″ before making the finishing pass.


Next, I drilled and tapped the end of the brass to fit the thread on the end of the lever.  This was done via the same method discussed before so I won’t show any pictures of it.  I beveled both ends of the knob,parted it off, and then cleaned up the other end.


It’s a simple knob but fits the style of the lathe much better.  After it ages a little it’ll fit match the rest of the lathe.

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