Wilton 4″ Vise Resto

A couple years ago I posted about disassembling a Wilton vise.  I received a comment on the post asking if I’d ever put it back together.  I had, but never got around to posting it.  So, here it is.  I left off with the vise disassembled.


I used electrolysis to clean the larger castings of the vise.  It is good at removing rust but also will remove and loosen paint.


This is what the body of the vise looked like after I’d removed it from the tank.  The other parts looked similar.  WV3

I used a powered wire brush to remove the rest of the paint.  It appears that someone had welded on the back of the vise jaw but I didn’t see a crack on the sides of the jaws.  I’m unsure what caused the previous owner to do this.  At first I was going to leave the ugly welding alone but later decided to clean it up with a grinder.


Here’s a pic of the movable jaw masked off and about to get shot with primer.


Here are the results of my grinding down the weld.  The smooth surface won’t match the rest of the vise but I’m ok with that.WV5a

Once the primer had dried I painted the vise red again.   All of the other parts received a coat of red paint as well.WV7

After the red paint dried I used a little white paint to detail the writing on the side of the body casting and reassembled the vise.  I put a good amount of grease on the screw and rubbed all the bare metal down with a coat of oil.


I don’t use this vise much as I prefer to use my 6″ Wilton or my Prentiss, but it is still a nice vise.

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