Hendey Lathe Disassembly: Part 1

I’ve started disassembling my Hendey metal lathe I posted about previously.  For the most part disassembly has gone pretty well.  The coating of grease and oil has kept the rust away.  It seems to be held together with a lot of flat head machine screws and pins.   I’m not going to cover every step for obvious reasons.

Up first is getting the upper pulley assembly, gear drive tank, and motor support bracket down.  It was a little heavy so I used the engine crane again.



The arms on the assembly were all held on with pins.  All of these were taper pins.  L21

From here I could start pulling the gears off the back.  All these gears take motion from the spindle and use it to rotate the lead screw and move the carriage and cross slide.  You can see it’s a little dirty back here too.


More gear removal…and a dirt dobber nest.


All the parts get put in custom Amazon boxes that keep popping up at my house for some reason.L24

I’m tagging a lot of the parts and sketching diagrams of how everything goes together.  Mixing up the gears would be problematic.



All the nuts, bolts, and other hard ware are getting stored in a small cabinet I have for screws.  Each piece has a tag with it matching the diagrams.L26

This is the outer gear box housing.  I couldn’t figure out how to get it apart when it finally occurred to me the shaft just slid out.  It was stuck to the gears and I thought there was a set screw hiding somewhere.L27

It’s nice when they stamp the pieces because I can make a note of it in my drawings.  It helps with keeping the correct orientation on the parts.L28

More later…

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2 Responses to Hendey Lathe Disassembly: Part 1

  1. This is going to be an awesome project!

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