Magazine Rack Repair: Part 2

Part two on the magazine rack is going to be pretty short.  There just wasn’t that much more left to do.

Here’s the foot after the glue has dried.  I got plenty of squeeze out which I was shooting for because I wanted to make sure there was plenty of glue in the joint.


I hit the faces and edges with my random orbital sander.  I lightly rounded the edges with some hand sanding.


Here’s another view after sanding.


After I was happy with the sanding I finished the foot with a couple layers of clear shellac.  I tested the shellac out on a test piece and thought it matched pretty well though it was not perfect.  Given there were variations in other parts of this piece I was ok with this.  In reality if you’re not looking for it you probably won’t notice the slight mismatch.


Since this was such a short post I’ll post a preview of a future post.  I found a saw at the flea market this weekend for a great price.  It’s a Rockwell worm drive circular saw.   It doesn’t look that good but it runs great.  The previous owner cut the cord while using it and repaired the cord…poorly.  Anyways, when I get around to cleaning it up I’ll be sure to post.


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