More Delta Stuff

I took a trip back over to the place where I found the other Delta stuff I covered in a previous post.  I brought back some more stuff that I’d seen previously.

When I was at the store last time I’d seen all these Delta sanding drums but I didn’t see any of the arbors.  This time I happened across the arbors.  So, I grabbed it all.  The boxes are all full of sanding drums.


Another item that I’d seen before but wasn’t sure what it was is this.  The other day I was on and ran across a picture of it.  It turns out it is a Delta tenoning jig.  I knew it was some sort of jig but I just couldn’t see it because the arm wasn’t in place at the time.  The thing weighs a ton and is missing the handle which attaches on the end of the jig.  From what I’ve seen so far online, the handle looks similar to the handle on the rear of a hand plane.  I should be able to replicate something similar.

DS2_2 DS2_3 DS2_4

The other way I could have figured out what it was would have been to read the box that it was in.  Who’d have known!


This isn’t Delta but I ran across a neat pair of binoculars.  Some quick looking around online shows that these may have been made in the 1950s-1960s.  They have sharp optics and are solid metal and glass.  They are heavier then you’d think at first.

DS2_5 DS2_6 DS2_7

They also came with the original case which is pretty neat.


Expect a post in the future about cleaning up the tenoning jig and fabricating a handle for it.

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