Wooden Swords and Knives

The day before we celebrated Christmas I was informed that I should make some wooden swords.  Not having a lot of time or desire to make a long project I threw together a few passable examples.  I had some oak left over from some pallets I disassembled a while back and used it since it has just been sitting around.

I sketched out a basic idea of what I wanted my first sword to look like.  I based it on a Roman Gladius.


The easiest way to make the handle round was with the lathe.  It I quickly roughed it down to size and then touched it up with a skew chisel.


To cut out the blade of the sword I used the bandsaw to make a series of stop cuts.  I first made a couple cuts to set the thickness.


Next, were a few cuts to set the width.


At the is point all the waste is still attached.  It is easily removed by cutting perpendicular to the blade.  When you’re done, out comes the blade and hilt.


To finish the first sword, I rounded the tip of the blade and sanded all the edges.

For a second sword I roughly copied a pirate’s cutlass.  It made it out of scrap pine so it’d be lighter than the other sword.  It does dent easier though.  I sketched it out and then cut it out on the bandsaw.


A trip to the belt sander finished the sword up leaving it good for piratey things.  ARGHH!


I figured a few wooden knives would also be useful because….well why not.  I shamelessly copied a couple of Kabar Becker knives.  Specifically, I copied the BK9 (top) and the BK7 (bottom).  The internet was kind enough to provide high res pics of them enabling me to print them out at 1:1 scale as templates.  The BK9 is almost a sword itself.


I made the knives the same as how the real ones are made with a solid piece for the blade and tang with separate scales.  I bandsawed all the pieces, glued them together, and then belt sanded them.

WS10Here’s a pic of all the swords and knives with a 12″ ruler for scale.

WS11Wooden swords and knives are pretty easily to put together and can probably be made from some scrap making them free.  They were also a hit around the house.  I have found I may need to make a sword to defend myself.  I just can’t make my mind up on what kind I should make.  Anyone have any ideas?

Yes, I know.  Someone will say Buster Sword.  Nathan??

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3 Responses to Wooden Swords and Knives

  1. Nathan!! says:

    I think one of the Zelda wooden swords will hit the sweet spot in the geek-chic/challenging/attractiveness/thwackability space. The one from Twilight Princess is the best looking, I think.

    • Jeff says:

      Perfect! In a similar vein, I would suggest the wooden swords from Kingdom Hearts. It’s not a very challenging design, but it’s a classic. Of course, you could always go all out and make the Ultima Weapon from Kingdom Hearts 2. It won’t take more than a few years. 🙂

  2. Henrik Holm Hansen says:

    Hi, Dear Woodworker
    I write this Comment Because I manufacture Small – Medium-Size wooden Knives. They are VERY Pretty Pieces and besides most of Them are, in Fact, able to perform as A neat Letteropener on Any Desk-/Counter-top or just for Display hanging on A Wall…! I may show A few Pics too, if possible…..
    Greeting’s from H3ArT, Design & Craft, Denmark
    Check out Facebook, hnh hansen

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