Making an Axe or Hatchet Leather Sheath

I made a leather sheath for my hatchet today but it would work well for an axe as well if made larger.  It’s a relatively simple process and I thought I’d share.

The first thing to do is figure out what kind of sheath you want.  Do you want a simple cover with a string to keep it on?  Maybe one that the handle slips through?  Maybe a cover with a leather strap?  As you might guess there’s a lot of different things you can do.  I chose a wrap around sheath that snaps.  With that decided I sketched out what I wanted on a piece of card stock.


Sketching it out allows you to test fit the sheath and avoid wasting leather.  You can tweak the design as needed at this stage.  It’s important to remember that the leather will be thicker than the card stock so leave a little room with your template.  The extra piece on the left in the picture below goes between the front edges of the sheath.  This piece keels the cutting edge of the axe/hatchet from cutting the string that holds the sheath together.


Once the design is finalized, its onto the leather.  I cut the piece out of the leather with some regular scissors.


I used a punch to make a hole on the tab first.  Next, I wrapped the sheath around the head of the hatchet to mark the hole for the other half of the snap.


From there I glued the spacer into the sheath and clamped it until dry.  Note, that I didn’t install the half of the snap in the hole you see below.  This wasn’t a fatal mistake but it would have been easier to do before gluing it up.HS5

I marked out holes on a 1/4″ spacing and then drilled them out with a hand drill.


I used some wax covered thread and stitched it together using both ends of the thread.  I passed the thread through the hole on the bottom and, with needles on both ends, alternately passed the needles and thread through the holes.HS7

Installing the snaps is pretty simple.  You insert a base that has a post on it through the hole and place socket or stud on the post on the other side of the leather.  Then, using the setter, join the two pieces together by hammering.


I touched the edges up on the belt sander and then put a little Sno-Seal on the leather to protect it.  That’s it.



I think I’ll have to make a few more sheaths for my other axes and hatchets.

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One Response to Making an Axe or Hatchet Leather Sheath

  1. .Werner says:

    Hello, I’am making the same sheath based on your work here. At the corners I’m using screw rivets and to keep the sheath closed a button stud. Thanks for the example 🙂

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