Saturn V: F-1 Engines

I started on the engines for the first stage of my wooden Saturn V.  I think I may have also figured out how to turn the fairings as well.  I’ll need to do some testing first though.

I made the engines out of the same 1-3/8″ Poplar dowel that I made the Apollo CSM out of.  So far I’ve got three of them done.  There’s diamond shaped support structure on the actual engine that I’ve added to my wooden version to add a little detail.  So far I only have three completed.


As opposed to describing what I did, I decided to record a video of making one.  I think some additional lighting would help but you can see what I’m doing.  I’ve sped it up by 15x so it’s only a couple of minutes long. I tried to keep my head out of the shot.  I make use of mostly skew chisels but a flat nosed scraper also makes an appearance.  I use a card stock template that I reference frequently in the video.  There’s also two outside calipers that I use to check the sizes of various parts.

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