Practice Shoe

To help my daughter learn to tie her shoes I made a “Practice Shoe.”   From some looking around on line, it appears a practice shoe can be pretty much anything that holds a shoe lace in its normal position.  Why not just use a normal shoe when she’s not wearing it?  Good question.  Making the practice shoe isn’t that complicated.  It only has a few basic steps that can be accomplished with basic tools and supplies.

I decided to make this out of some scrap 3/4″ thick white pine I had sitting around.  Thickness really isn’t important.  You could use cardboard or Aluminum if you wanted.  The first step it to trace the shoe and then lay out your shoe lace holes.



Next, we’re off to the bandsaw to cut the shoe out.  You could use a coping saw if a band saw isn’t in your arsenal.



The cutting may leave a rough surface around the periphery of the shoe.  If so sand it smooth and the break the edges with some additional sanding.



Drill holes where you previously laid them out.



At this point, you can “detail” your shoe however you want.  You can leave it without any finish or paint it to make it more realistic.



Here’s the results of my painting.  I don’t think I’ll give up my day job…but hey it looks like a shoe.



After that put laces in and attempt to teach your child how to tie a shoe.  After 15 seconds she’ll then lose interest.  Maybe tomorrow….PS7


Aside:  I shot all but the last picture with my cell phone to see how it’d work.  It seems like it did a good job but I don’t think it’ll displace my D50.

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