Wooden Titan 2

I spent some more time at the lathe tonight and made a Titan 2 launch vehicle for my Gemini capsule.   Like the capsule it is made of Poplar.


It has to have stages of course.  I turned down a dowel to a constant diameter for the stages.  Then, using the same technique from the last post I made the nozzle for the second stage.  The first stage was bored to allow the second stage nozzle to fit.  Both first stage nozzles were turned separately and press fit into a shaped piece of pine.  The assembly was glued to the bottom of the first stage.



Here’s a picture with a ruler and the other capsules for reference.  I’m at 1:110 scale.  At this scale the Saturn V is 39″ tall.


This will probably be it for turnings until after the first of the year.

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