Magnolia Natural Edge Bowl

In my last post I’d mentioned working on a natural edge bowl.  A natural edge bowl is made by flipping the bowl over in the log you split in half.  By that I mean normally the top of the bowl is oriented near the center of the piece of the half log.  With a natural edge bowl, the top of the bowl faces away from the center near the outer edge where the bark is.  This results in a bowl that is elliptical when viewed from above or below but still made up of circular segments if you were to slice it into pieces from side to side.
Here’s a picture of the bowl on the lathe as I was turning it down to final thickness after it dried for a couple months.


Here it is after I’d finished turning it down and oiling it with Boiled Linseed Oil.  At this point I had a lot of tear out on the “wings” of the bowl.


To fix this I turned the bowl down a little more on the inside and applied super glue to the torn out places.  The glue stiffens the wood fibers so that they cut more easily without tearing out.  A couple alternating applications of super glue and shear scraping left me with a pretty clean surface.  After that a little hand sanding cleaned up the surface.

After finishing the inside of the bowl I needed to remove the tenon on the bottom.  To do this I put a piece of rubber mat between the jaws and the inside of the bowl.  Then the tailstock was moved in to hold it against the chuck.  This allows you to lightly work on the bottom of the bowl.



This was as much as I could do on the lathe.  The rest of the tenon had to be removed with a chisel.


After some more sanding and oiling the bowl was finally finished.  Here’s some pictures of it.

And that is that…

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