Kershaw Junk Yard Dog Clip Mod

In my last post I mentioned that I didn’t like the clip on my Kershaw Junk Yard Dog pocket knife.  I decided to do something about that today.

Before I started removing material I needed an idea of what I wanted it to look like.  The easiest way to visualize the changes is to take a picture of the clip and modify it using some photo editing software.   I took a quick picture of the knife and clip to use.

Using your software of choice, I used Gimp, start drawing until you find something you like.   You don’t have to be fancy.  I just scribbled with a black brush.  Here’s what I ended up with.  I removed the side spikes, rounded the edges near the screws, and blunted the tip a little.

Once I was happy with the results I printed the image out to scale and cut it out.  It can now be used as a template to mark up the real clip with a Sharpie.   I looked at the marked up clip and changed it a little more until I was happy.  Shown below is the paper template and marked up clip.

Now it’s time to start removing metal.  You can use files, a belt sander, or a grinder.  I chose to use a belt sander.  It removes material at a good rate but not so quickly that you can get yourself into trouble quickly.  Be sure to go slowly and check your progress out periodically.  You can always take more metal off but you can’t add it back on.  Here’s a shot of the clip with some of the material removed.  Be sure to cool the clip periodically in water so you don’t overheat it.

A little more material removal.

Here’s the clip once I was finished with the belt sander.  Note that I accidentally nicked the top surface of the clip with the side of the belt.  Not to fear, this can be fixed.

Before putting the clip back on the knife, I deburred and smoothed the sides of the clip using some 600 grit sand paper.  Be sure to chamfer, or slightly round over, the edges of the clip so that they aren’t sharp.  Run your finger lightly along all the edges to judge how you’re doing.   Don’t cut yourself.  The edges can be sharp.  Next, I went over the sides and the scratched area with some 2000 grit sandpaper.  The sandpaper removed the scratch until it can just faintly be seen in the right light.   Here’s a pic of the final clip on the knife closed.

Here it is open.  That’s a better looking and much more subdued clip.

Total time for this mod was about 30 minutes.

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