Samsung Galaxy S II Flex Cable Replacement

I was listening to music on my cell phone the other day with headphones when I accidentally caught the headphone wire on a door knob.  The knob pulled the headphone plug out of the phone and when I plugged it back in, the sound came out of the phone instead of the headphones.  Uh oh.  I looked into the female jack on the phone and saw that one of the tiny connectors was bent back.  I’m guessing it wasn’t touching the headphone plug any more which resulted in the phone not swapping over to headphones like normal.  I tried to pull the connector back out with a tiny pick but had no luck.

Fearing that it’d be an expensive repair, I started searching around online.  I found that the headphone jack is part of the “Speaker Flex Cable” that is surprisingly pretty cheap.  Yeah, I know.  It’s probably a knockoff.  I ordered a couple new flex cables from a site called for $4 a piece plus shipping.  I know nothing about them but they had a some good reviews.  So, I ordered two cables from them and they arrived in a couple days.  You can find other places online to order from including ebay of course.

Here’s how to swap the cable out.  Flip the phone over so that it is face down and remove the cover plate as if you were removing the battery.

After this, you’ll see seven small screws that need to be removed to access the internal circuitry of the phone.  You don’t have to remove the battery but it’ll fall out anyways so you might as well.

With the screws removed, you can remove the back piece.  Slip a plastic tool made for doing this, your fingernail, or something else non metallic between the front bezel and back piece to separate them.  The seam (green arrow) shows where to separate.  Go from one side, to the bottom, and up the other side separating the halves.   The top of the back part is retained by the headphone jack.  As such, you’ll need to rotate the back piece up and around it.

With the back piece off, you have access to the flex cable.  I’ve circled it in the green below.  First carefully pry the connector up and off.  The connector is the part that says “SGH-i777” on it.  Once it is off carefully pry the other parts of the flex cable up.  They’re held with a rubbery glue that doesn’t seem to harden.

With the flex cable removed, you can install the new one in its place.  The part at the top right of the flex cable, ear speaker I think, folds over and into its spot while the other parts just press down.  Therefore, press it in last.  Make sure the connector pops back into its spot correctly too.

Here’s the new flex cable installed.  You can test it at this time, but be careful not to break anything because the back piece holds the flex cable components in place.

Reassembly is the opposite of dis-assembly.  So, put the back piece back on, top first.  Install the screws, battery, and back cover.  If everything went well you phone should now be back in working order.

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7 Responses to Samsung Galaxy S II Flex Cable Replacement

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  2. curious says:

    did you glue everything back in? what type of glue did you use

  3. John Joe Jack says:

    Hi David,

    Thanks so much for putting up this tutorial. Do you mind if I ask you some questions about the replacement process?

    1) I only have the right side audio playing through my galaxy s2. Do you know if this repair will fix the problem?

    2) Should I worry about static electricity when repairing the phone? Earthing etc…

    3) Do I need any special tools other than a tiny screwdriver? Maybe something to pry up the connectors? I’m used to fixing bicycles, so these minte electronic components seem very fragile to me and I’m concerned about breaking my phone.

    Many thanks,


    • davidjbod says:

      Sure. I’ll answer best I can.

      1) I’m not sure. If the audio isn’t playing because it isn’t making a good connection it’s possible replacing the flex cable would fit it. I’ve also heard of dust getting into the plugs and causing issues. I ran across a site a while back that suggested cutting a Qtip is half, dipping the stick in denatured alcohol to wet the end of the stick, and then inserting the stick gently into the plug and rotating it to clean. You might try this or blowing out the plug gently with compressed air.

      2) Static electricity is always a concern with sensitive electronics. I just touched my metal computer case from time to time while I was working on it and didn’t have an issue. I suppose if you had anything else with a metal case that plugs into the wall with three prongs, you could touch it as well.

      3) The only tool you really need is the small Phillips screwdriver. A stiff piece of thin plastic would be nice for prying up things might be useful though. A toothpick would work as well. Just go slow and pry carefully.

      Good luck,

  4. Francis Robert Demetri Quingco says:

    Hi, I checked the website that you mentioned, and it says Samsung S2 at&t and t mobile version. Is it the same with Samsung S2 i9100? I’m from Philippines and I’m planning to change mine also. Thanks.

    • davidjbod says:

      As I understand it, the phones are pretty much the same. I think the flex cable would work in both but am not 100% sure. Try emailing someone from the website to see if they can confirm.

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