Roughed Out Bowls

Here’s a couple pics of some bowls I roughed out tonight from the Magnolia I mentioned in my last post.  A roughed out bowl is basically a bowl with a very thick wall.   A bowl is left in this condition to dry and then the final piece is turned.  A roughed out bowl dries much quicker than a solid chunk of wood does.  The wall is left extra thick so you can re-turn it when dry because the bowl will distort while drying.

Here are a couple pics of a roughed out natural edged bowl.



Here are a couple pics of a regular roughed out bowl.


As wood dries it is susceptible to cracking.  My current approach is to wrap the bowls in newspaper or paper bags.  So far it seems to be working out well.  I’ll have to wait a couple months to see if it is successful though.

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