Craftsman Bandsaw: Finished

A reader questioned if I had ever put my bandsaw back together the other day.  I had but forgot to post about it.  So, here is that post.  Reassembly was the opposite of disassembly so I won’t talk about that with one exception.  The four bearings for the wheels are a custom size that are no longer available today.  Luckily a 6202 bearing is very close.  The ID of the bearing is the same but the OD of it is slightly smaller.  This results in the bearing spinning in the wheels.  To keep the bearings from spinning use green Permatex or Loctite.  It is thin enough to seep into the small gap between the bearings and wheels and keep them together.   I have not replaced the broken top guide yet which results in the blade wandering around some but it works fine for rough cuts.  One of these days I’ll get around to replacing it.

Here is a picture of the finished bandsaw.  I made a stand for it out of the wood and the motor sits on a hinged board.  When I need to use it I lift the motor and slip the belt onto the pulleys.  The weight of the motor is enough to tension the belt.

Here’s the back of the band saw with the new pulley my dad picked up for me.  It is cast iron and considerably heavier than the original.

Here are a couple close up pics.

They cast the blade size into the top arm so you’ll never lose it!

Here is a short video of it running and a test cut.

Check out the my other posts on the Craftsman Bandsaw: Disassembly and Motor

Edit:  The following pics were added at the request of a commenter.

BS90 BS91

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13 Responses to Craftsman Bandsaw: Finished

  1. Dale says:

    Hi, I have this same saw and had a problem where the threaded rod for the upper wheel tensioning adjustment came out of the lower cast piece. I have some one like ours with a nut there to hold it in place, but yours and mine don’t have that. Did you put any loctite on those threads? Thanks! Nice stand, too.

    • Dale says:

      ….I have ‘seen’ one like ours….

    • davidjbod says:

      No, I don’t have any loctite on those threads. I’ve been pretty lucky I guess because mine hasn’t come loose. Putting a nut in there would probably solve that problem though. I might have to do that to mine. Its possible that the nut has been lost over the years. I think I saw a thread about this on recently. Thanks!

  2. Mitch says:

    Beautiful restoration! I have the same exact band saw myself, its in pretty good shape. I have a 1/2HP motor scavenged from a different vintage saw that I haven’t hooked up to it yet. I’d love to send you pics but I couldn’t find your email address on your web page. I can show you what it looks like with the original “craftsman” decal on the side.

  3. Jeff Hanke says:

    I agree very nice restoration. I also have a 103 I picked up as part of a tool purchase bundle. Seems in pretty good shape. What size wheel tires did you use – mine are worn off. I was wondering what the blade guide should look like could you share a pic? I would be interested in sharing pics of mine if interested. Im just now getting into repairing it.

    • davidjbod says:

      I’ve sold this saw to a friend of mine so I don’t have it to measure right now. I think the bandsaw tires I put on it were for 12″ diameter tires and 7/8″ wide. Measure the spacing where the tires go on yours to be sure. Tires can be found on Rocker, Woodcraft, or Ebay. I ordered mine from “ohioblademan” on Ebay. Which blade guide would you like a pic of, upper or lower? I have some other pics and will look through them to see if I can find what you need. Sure, send me some pics. You can email them to my username on wordpress Thanks!

  4. Jeff Hanke says:

    Thanks for the response. I ordered some bands from ebay If you have pics – would appreciate seeing both. In the middle of fixing mine.

    • davidjbod says:

      I’ve added the pics of the blade guides to the end of the post for you. They’re from before I cleaned it up so they’re a little gunky. Hopefully they show what you need.

  5. DIYTyler says:

    Hi David, I have this exact band saw but I believe a previous owner welded a riser kit into it! The max depth of cut is about 11″ for me which is awesome. Although it was in excellent shape I am in the process of restoring it now, outside was a bit rusted. Plan on putting a new bearing guide on it, new urethane tires and might upgrade the motor to a 3/4HP. Fun, fun, thanks for the guidance!

  6. Eric Matlis says:

    Hi, loved your article. I just bought the same band saw. One thing I’m not sure of is how to make adjustments to the lower guides. Currently my blade is outside of the guides even with the top wheel adjusted to center the blade. Do you have a recommendation for a v-belt? Thanks!

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