The Morning Sky

Six of the eight planets are up together in the morning sky.  So, I figured that since that doesn’t happen all the time I’d get up to see it.  All of them but Saturn are up in the morning sky.  Saturn is hanging out in Virgo currently and is about over head at midnight.  I was only able to get 4 (5 technically) planets with my camera.  The four I caught are shown below.   It is kinda hard to see them in this resized version of the picture so jump down to pic #2.

Here is a 100% crop of the picture above with the planets labeled for you.

Here’s a screen shot from Stellarium.

Four of the planets are bunched up near the horizon with Uranus and Neptune higher in the southern sky.

While I was waiting for the sunrise I took a couple other pics.  This is looking south at Scorpius and Sagittarius. The Milky Way runs through here.  Specifically, this is looking towards the center of the galaxy.

Here’s the same picture with the constellations outlined.

View of the same area from a different location.  I have a picture where the ground is level but it didn’t have the shooting stars.

That’s all for now.

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2 Responses to The Morning Sky

  1. vintage13 says:

    Beautiful! What kind of camera and settings did you use?

    • davidjbod says:

      I have a Nikon D50. I set the camera in manual mode, set the f-stop as large as it’ll go and then adjust the shutter speed as needed. Usually it is in the 10-15 second range. Longer than that and you’ll get a little bit of streaking from the stars moving at this magnification. Thanks for reading!

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