Fixing Things: Fradan String Trimmer

About a month ago I was outside just starting to obliterate some weeds with my Fradan string trimmer when it stopped working.  I’d increase the throttle but the trimmer head wouldn’t turn.  Frustrating but not completely unexpected because my uncle had used the trimmer commercially for many years and I’ve had it for about 4 years.  I had previously looked for small parts for the trimmer but had not been able to find a dealer.  That was annoying because this is a commercial trimmer and is built better than the ones I can afford.  So, I’d like to keep it running. Even though I didn’t know if I could find parts for it I partially disassembled the trimmer to find the problem.

It was pretty apparent what the issue was once I took it apart.  Inside the metal shaft that connects the head and the motor there is a plastic liner that centers the drive shaft .  Over time, the drive shaft had fused to the black rubber bushing and it finally fused to the plastic liner.  So, the motor was unable to turn the drive shaft because it was solidly connected to the metal housing.  Here’s a picture of the problem area.

Finally, I did find a place online that has parts for my trimmer.  Even though there was a three week delay between ordering and parts arriving, they finally got here.  I thought I was ordering the plastic liner but instead got the liner and a new metal shaft.  It was a pleasant surprise.  I also ordered a couple other parts.

To replace the metal shaft I first had to remove the motor and throttle control from the shaft.

Then I needed to remove the trimmer head, handle, and bracket for the strap.

One of the other parts I purchase was a new spool.  I had previously repaired the old one when it wore through.  The old one made some nice sparks on concrete though.

It turns out that the black rubber piece had a tubular piece sticking out of it that was plastic.  This plastic tube fused to the drive shaft completely.  As a result, it had to be broken into pieces and twisted off the drive shaft.  Fun… Here’s the big pieces that were left of it.

After getting the plastic piece off, I put the drive shaft in the new shaft and reassembled the trimmer.   Here’s a picture of the reassembled trimmer and old parts.  The plastic liner is the grayish thing under the trimmer.

I cranked the trimmer up in my garage and tested it.  Success!  The head rotates like normal.   So, for less than the cost of the cheapest trimmer out there I got mine back up and running.

PS They didn’t put the sticker in the same place on the new shaft so it is under the handle….grr

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2 Responses to Fixing Things: Fradan String Trimmer

  1. Tim Graydon says:

    As always, another informative and entertaining installment!

  2. Barbara Epsaro says:

    Ok looks like a Red Max fradan Frankenstein. Easy fix you have there. Can be replaced with Echco parts. My issue is I need a recoil pull start for that very same type of unit. I have a barely used unit that someone gave me. Problem is the recoil is missing. Fradan came up with such a strange bolt on patern nothing from any other companies fit.

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